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We Are the most trusted Oil & Gas supply Company in malaysia

ELC Oil Trading offers a reliable and professional experience to both buyers and sellers, ensuring fairness, trustworthiness, efficiency, and transparency.

Whether you value promptness, transparency, integrity, competitiveness, or ease of doing business, your search ends here. We excel in every aspect of our service, and our clients seldom encounter any reason for dissatisfaction.

Upon receiving initial information from clients through our online submission forms, our highly proficient staff swiftly assesses the best course of action based on the client’s specific requirements.

We personally reach out to the client, guiding them through the process and facilitating connections with the most suitable counterpart. Our services are tailored for qualified buyers and sellers who are genuinely committed to expanding their international trade transactions. Each applicant undergo due diligence conducted by our internal compliance team on the buyer or seller (applicant) and their company.

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Rigorous extensive vetting processes inorder to be eligible to transact.

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The KYC process primarily caters to those who submit their buy requirements and sell offers online for review by the platform’s experts, the KYC submission forms are designed to extract maximum relevant information from both buyers and sellers. This ensures the applicant is serious and possesses the capacity to transact while saving precious time.


Potential Clients must submit their buy requirements and sell offers, subject to serving two crucial purposes:

  1. Ensuring the applicant is genuinely committed and possesses the capacity to transact.
  2. Streamlining the process to save valuable time.


Traders engaging on this platform have successfully navigated our stringent vetting and exhaustive background checks, securing certification for their capability to conduct transactions effectively. The platform actively participates in every facet of the transaction process, ensuring the seamless implementation of fuel sale and delivery.

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The frequently posed question revolves around the challenges in locating authentic sellers in the Oil & Gas industry. The answer is straightforward but multifaceted. The oil and gas trade operates on a colossal scale, where governments, major corporations, and influential intermediaries engage in transactions of immense magnitude. The sheer scale of each transaction involves substantial financial commitments, whether in acquisition, storage, transportation, or distribution of the commodity.

Given this complex landscape, breaking into the oil and gas trade as a first-time trader is no simple feat. Financial resources alone are insufficient for success. Genuine sellers seek buyers not only with financial means but also possessing the necessary expertise to navigate the intricacies of the trade. Acquiring expertise is a nuanced challenge, often requiring external hiring to circumvent the risks posed by fraudulent oil operators.


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We are the leading supplier for your day to day needs of any petroleum-based products for any industry. Check out our products page for an extensive range of oil products.

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